It’s a beautiful and sunny Sunday morning.  I’m reminded of the simple pleasures in life and how soothing it is to find the joy in them.  Like this moment as I’m sitting in my favorite chair and enjoying my coffee and letting that be all that I’m doing.

My invitation for you today is to take a moment, a few minutes if you have it, and just relish whatever you are doing.  Looking for inspiration?  Here’s a few suggestions. . .Get outside and take a moment to look up at the sky and breathe deeply in to your feet.  As you sit down with your food, take a moment to close your eyes and savor.  When you’re on the phone with your bestie, take a second to tell her/him how much you appreciate them and really let that feeling sink in and fill you up.

Whatever it is you’re doing today, take a moment to really pause and be With Yourself In the Moment.  And then notice what happens.  Does anything change?  Do you notice something else?  What happens when we stop and pause and practice Being Here Now?

And as always, be kind and smile to yourself. . .Amber


Author: Santa Fe Art Therapy & Counseling

I have a private practice in Santa Fe, NM where I offer online, art therapy and counseling services. My focus is working with people who have a recent or life-long history of trauma and stress. I use a blend of EMDR, talk therapy, art therapy and body-centered mindfulness practices.

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