Chances are you’re here because you’re taking the first steps towards getting help and I admire your courage to reach out.  I believe that each of us has the innate potential to heal and grow and I am committed to being present with you on your journey and process.  You may not fully understand the Why or How behind your struggles, but you are clear that you’d like things to be different and feel better. I offer a safe and compassionate, multi-dimensional approach using a blend of art therapy, talk therapy, and body-centered mindfulness.

My own, personal journey with healing, has been one of the hardest and most valuable things I’ve ever done. It continues to be a truly life changing and life enhancing experience. Helping someone find their own, unique way to heal and make positive changes is such an honor and blessing.  It is my sincere hope and belief that the work we do together is a benefit to all beings everywhere, without exception.  And as we find the courage to face our selves and all that we are, let us meet there with kindness, curiosity and Love.

I hope this website gives you a safe place to explore what I can offer on your healing journey.  When you’re ready to schedule your first session, please give me a call.  If you have more questions, please call or use the contact page.

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